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LoriKay Coleman

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LoriKay has a myriad of alternative healing tools that bring balance mentally, emotionally & physically and loves teaching others so their brain & body functions more optimally. 
She receives great joy from learning and connecting with inspiring people as she has taken over a dozen different healing modality classes. She was the first certified teacher in the Abundance Alignment Technique and chose to be certified as a Foot Zoner and as an Investigating Health Practitioner. She also does Advanced Investigating Brain Energy Work and is a Reiki Master.
She has been called a spiritual alchemist having the ability to bring together the perfect combination of what an individual needs to get to a better place with their physical challenges while also tapping into true freedom as they aren’t controlled so strongly by their negative subconscious programs. 
She and her husband met at Brigham Young University where she graduated and started her career as a 3rd grade teacher.  She has 4 children, 2 beautiful daughter in laws and has now been married for 31 years. Even though she absolutely adored teaching, she chose to stay home and raise her children.  Her life path has surprised her as it has been filled with times of deep despair and ill health, but the beauty of that hard road is she has tremendous empathy for others and a deep desire to help individuals create vibrant lives with healthy bodies and minds. She is grateful to God for the spiritual gifts that she has developed and considers Him as the master healer.  She loves teaching others to use the power of their mind, body and soul connection.

LoriKay Coleman


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