Speaker Dagmar Khan

Dagmar Khan

Become Your Own Best Medicine: Transformative Approach To Helping Women Heal From Sexual Pain, Pelvic Dysfunction and Past Sexual Trauma

Dagmar Khan is world’s leading women’s health expert and pelvic floor specialist, and the founder of Flourish Institute. She works with an integrated holistic system that addresses very deeply both the body, nervous system and the mind, and in fact affects the ecosystem of women’s entire life. Dagmar uses the most powerful pelvic floor training, deep relaxation processes and self-massage practices in combination with modern trauma healing and brain-integration techniques, that are designed to help fully restore strength and suppleness in women’s pelvis, while unraveling any possible shame, fear or trauma. The results are full vibrant pelvic floor health, enhanced sense of vitality and women feeling deeply at home in her own body. In her work, she has helped thousands of women from all around the globe to deeply activate the healing codes inside of their body, and become their best medicine. She lives ‘her happily ever after’ with her incredible husband, and their adorable toddler Rumi, in the glorious sunny south-east of Ireland.

Dagmar Khan Interviewed by LoriKay Coleman


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