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Tamara Laing

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Tamara Laing is a Master Rapid Eye Technician and gifted facilitator certified in several energy modalities. She is the author of two books bridging energy healing principles with scripture. Tamara’s first book, Healing Arts – A Gift from God (LDS Insight on the Light of Christ & Energy Medicine) is hailed by Stan Gardner, MD, CNS as “a treasure trove of healing” which “introduced major ground-breaking insights into the whole field of energy medicine. . . . bringing together the philosophies of religion and the philosophies of science, recognizing that the reality is often simply a difference in terminology and not concept.” Tamara knows Jesus Christ is the source of true healing. She credits God with leading her to the field of energy healing (which she didn’t know existed) to help a daughter with bipolar. Tamara is a sought after presenter at holistic health conferences. She is the founder of Hope For a Better World and empowers others to make peace with their past, release unresolved emotions, clear generational patterns and bring light to dark places. Tamara’s second book is more hands-on with practical steps to raise one’s consciousness level to forgiveness, gratitude and praise in all things. Her book, An LDS Approach to Energy Healing (Deep Emotion Release & Generational Clearing), teaches how to SEE generational issues clearing in the eyes. This book made Book Authority’s top 10 list of Consciousness books for beginners. Her books are available at Amazon at https://TamarasBook.blogspot.com https://TamarasBook.blogspot.com

Tamara Laing Interviewed by LoriKay Coleman


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